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The Ultimate VASTU-Consultancy !

MATATEC Vastu–Consultancy

MATATEC Vastu–Consultancy

VASTU or VASAATHI is the ancient knowledge and science about the relation between, Body, Mind, Soul and our physical environment.

Even in ancient Bharatiya - or Vedic times, treating the body for illnesses or discomfort only through Ayurveda was not enough; -  the Ayurvedic Scholars were also looking at the subtle influences of the environment, house, village, district etc. of their patient , to find out more about their health issues and mindset – and how to change it.

In today’s world with the expansion and promotion of city life plus all our nowadays especially on subtle levels most difficult to handle modern electronic technologies , many aspects of traditional just known Vastu solutions are not possible again to implement.
Therefore Florian Meyer`s  long year researches where highly helpful to create MATATEC - VASAATHI methods which change, remind and recall everything and all , as thus also all of us  to our all  ”Non-dual“ Advaita – VEDANTA – our Supreme origin and source.

With MATATEC Vastu-Consultancy, you will be able to find an explanation and a solution to long time problems, and create an ever peaceful and sacred-safe surrounding.



The MATATEC DEVATMA Plate is the main MATATEC – VASAATHI transformative tool and highly useful for healing.

There was a need of extensive research and experiences to provide to everybody, whatever cast, creed, religions, a possibility to reconnect with the purest side of life.

There was a need of extensive research and experiences to provide to everybody, whatever cast, creed, religions, a possibility to reconnect with the purest side of life.

The fundamental aspect of Florian Meyer research was to reconnect humanity and all our used technologies with divinity , and allow it to be expressed in the simplest way.

For years Rishis, Saints and Spiritual Guide came with solutions to humanity struggle, and for the spiritual seekers came a sense of wellbeing that deep connection to the divine principle could allow.

With the MATATEC DEVATMA Plate, realising that the source and power of all life is the divinity itself, Florian Meyer deep spiritual experiences enlighten him to create a possibility to bring divine fundamental energy to an inspired structure that can help us all.

This structure has become a main tool to purify and reconnect places or individuals to their divinity and brings amazing results to those who experience its effects.

The MATATEC DEVATMA Plate, can be use as a connector to divine principles in houses, hospitals, temples, agriculture lands

     -      here also for the energetic re-vitalization of through former  poisonous or most toxic agriculture highly polluted areas , to bring back fruitful agriculture with higher yields with improved quality and much less problems with weeds       parasites and funguses … ;
but also with all type of technologies wherever life can be sanctified.



With the MATATEC AURA Delight method, Florian Meyer could cleanse, purify, and energize the aura of people, group of people, living beings… in an instant, allowing all the influences of Vastu effect on the AURA to be cleansed at once and for ever.

MATATEC AUM Energy Feeling

MATATEC AUM Energy Feeling © 

It is an method to measure and qualify subtle energies, however wherever, they are. Many professionals doctors, healers , geobiologists, hydrologist etc. know how highly difficult it is to qualify and measure what is happening on a unseen and subtle dimension.
Despite many possibilities to measure this energies using divining rods, pendulum, Lecher antenna , kinesiology muscle tests , etc..  there are high possibilities to fail.

MATATEC “AUM” Energy-Feeling ©  is a very seem to be most simple technique , also recovered again by Florian Meyer, using ancient praying Mudrams or hand-praying-positions which bring clear measurement results, with no doubt, and help whoever, whenever, wherever needed.

This technique is usually explained and used during seminaries or training retreats.

MATATEC Seminaries & Lectures

MATATEC Seminaries & Lecture


With many years of experiences, Florian Meyer proposes seminaries and lectures on Vastu and MATATEC–VASAATHI , on other MATATEC Discoveries on the spirituel field, use of MATATEC DEVATMA Plate and on MATATEC Transformative Technologies.


Feel free to contact for all seminaries, lectures contact-us


MATATEC Transformative Technologies


Florian Meyer has developed many technologies in the field of water, agriculture, river engineering, flood protection etc..

For more info please contact us!


Medical Branch

doctors, hospital, ayurveda and healers

doctor-from-wix-mages-min (1).png

Corporate & Hospitaliy

companies, hotels,


Architecture & Property

architectural projects, houses, schools


What benefits could I have with Matatec?

Mostly at once: 

  • Reduction or vanishing of fears of stresses of bad thoughts and unwelcome emotions;

  • Reduction or even vanishing of family quarrels or frictions inside of companies;

  • The brain-hemispheres are through MATATEC working together always fully harmonious (people are more happy , relaxed polite kindly and friendly).

To Whom It May Concern?

MATATEC is suitable for : 

  • Huge private till communal and governmental buildings and facilities;

  • Hotel-complexes;

  • Stadiums;

  • Ayurvedic- and holiday-resorts;

  • Conference- plus opera- theatre- and concert-halls;

  • Industrial plants and facilities;

  • Huge banks and multi-purpose office-blocks;

  • Museums;

  • Airplanes;

  • Yachts and ships.


Florian Meyer 

 Matatec founder

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