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Florian Meyer is from Germany and the creator, founder and owner of Matatec Transformative Technologies company based in the south-west German Black Forest mountain area. 

My Story

Florian is a regular visitor of India for the last 30 years following the call of his Gurus Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Her Holiness Mata Amritananda Mayi Maa Devi, and has decided to settle in south India a new Branch of its company for the Indian and international public.

Over 35 years, Florian Meyer has researched on how to transform subtle energies and how to overcome Life blockages created by:

  •    Geopathic stress-areas , or from other terrestric and cosmic energies;

  •    Electro-stresses through electronic devices and technologies;

  •    High-voltage lines, underground oil, gas-pipelines or mobile phone transmitters;

  •    Wrong and harmful design in today’s buildings;

  •    Effects of ancient Karma, graveyards, ancient cultural places;

  •    Black magic etc..

After years of deep research he found out, that Nature, as divine Absolute, is transforming subtle energies through its holy syllable “OM“ – or “AUM” … and that the “AUM”  is not only the highly special tone or key-note `Sadya or Sa´ but also a fully forgotten and unknown vortex-structure. 

Out this knowledge, he developed, new waterpipes, new electrical wires, new methods for agricultural and medical use bringing a highly efficient technology according to its use.

With his collaboration over 13 years with the Indian scientists  Mr. Dr. Mannem Murthy and Mrs Geeta Mannem from Hyderabad, also highly esteemed Vastu-researchers, they could discover together, by using their own method of measure and monitoring, that the MATATEC Technologies developed by Florian Meyer is highly efficient and annihilate all type of energy blockages indefinitely.

Looking forward for an optimal device to help in all this Vastu and Vasaathi topics , Mr. Meyer developed the MATATEC DEVATMA Plate© which is able to bring all structure to its optimal pure divine resonance and vibrate at its highest potential.

Through and with this tool he could change the energetical behaviour pattern of a private residency to a full hospital or from a skyscraper or to a full farm or a to full natural reserve totally  - with everything inside and around -  and unconditionally bringing peace, joy and tranquillity to the premises and to all their living beings.

He has conducted many work shop and seminaries in Europe and India helping many to focus on the reality of the “AUM”- structure, and training them in the MATATEC “AUM” Energy-Feeling ©  , which is a simple technique to ground oneself and have a clear view on reality, understanding the right and wrong, the correct and the false.

Florian Meyer is bringing all his knowledge to India through MATATEC India based in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, and offer its service of consultancy, seminaries or work shop now also internationally -  to all interested.

His Love and understanding of Indian Culture and Philosophy participate to his joyous and enlightening presence during work session or consultation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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